Tokyo at Night with E-Bike to Harumi Wharf

Tour outline

This time we will cycle around these places. NIhonbashi .
Tsukishima, Harumi Wharf. etc,It is a short night tour which will take 3 hours. There are plenty of beautiful nightscapes and illuminations.The night view of Tokyo Tower and the scenery that makes you want to climb it is also beautiful.However, the night view I like the most in Tokyo is the night view seen from Harumi Wharf in Koto-ku. It is a fantastically beautiful, truly wonderful night view with nature and city harmonized. It is really breathtaking. I definitely think that it is the best spot in Tokyo. Not only is the nature wonderful but the city light illuminations in major cities are amazingly beautiful! you are one of those people that has just arrived in Tokyo with time to kill or want to spend your remaining time in Japan doing some unique sightseeing or happen to enjoy night views, this tour is perfect for you! Harumi Wharf is a place where traffic is a bit inconvenient, so there are few tourists! It is a hidden gem. Come with me and let’s go see the most fantastic night scenery of Tokyo by e-bike together! The night view with harmony between city and nature creates a unique and wonderful experience in Tokyo


On this tour we will take you to five beautiful places for night views
①Nihonbashi Bridge
the oldest Bridge in Tokyo
one of the oldest area in Tokyo
③Harumi Wharf
A rainbow bridge in harmony with the ocean
④Kachidoki bashi Bridge
⑤Tokyo station
The Tokyo Station’s illuminations and the building itself is historic.
Each place is wonderful and comes together to form the ultimate night viewing experience



height limit

130cm 以上