Tokyo at Night☆with E-Bike to Tokyo Sky Tree

Tour outline

The planned path for this time is Nihonbashi Bridge, Tokyo Sky Tree, Azumabashi Bridge, and Sensouji temple.This is a short, 3 hour half night tour that includes cycling around these four places.There are many popular tourist spots in Tokyo, but the places I chose this time are spots that get even better with the transition from evening to night.They are extremely crowded during the day, so we can enjoy a more intimate experience by going at night.The sightseeing spots in Tokyo can not only be enjoyed at night, but also together. If you are someone with the following situations, I wholeheartedly recommend this tour for you:

-You’ve arrived in Tokyo and have some free time at night.

-You’ll be leaving tomorrow but want to see the wonderful night scenery of Tokyo.

-Someone who loves beautiful night views.

Electric-assisted bikes will be used for this cycling tour, so those who are worried about strenuous activities need not worry! Some popular snacks will be provided, so be careful not to come on a full stomach.I hope to enjoy Tokyo’s night scenery together with you!


On this tour you will be taken to 4 different beautiful night spots.
① Nihonbashi Bridge
the oldest Bridge in Tokyo
②Ryogoku(Sumo Town) & Sumida River
③Tokyo Sky Tree
It is the tallest structure in Japan with the height of 634 meters
④ Sensouji
This is the oldest and biggest temple in Tokyo
In addition, We can meet Goku( Dragon Ball) ,etc



height limit

130cm 以上