Akihabara Anime & Nature E-Bike Tour

Tour outline

Akihabara, a district in central Tokyo, is the place to go for all kinds of Japanese comics, animes games, and electronic shops.
Even if you are not obsessed with anime or manga, it will surely be a great experience for you to see a paradise for every geek and otaku, a completely different side of Tokyo and to have some of the “only-in Japan” experiences.
On top of the streets that are dotted with shops selling anime-related goods and maid cafes, they also offer beautiful sites that are perfect for sightseeing, including historical shrines and parks. It is amazing to see such a fusion of modern pop-culture and remarkable view of nature altogether.
We will take you on a adventurous cycling tour of Akihabara, not only to let you expose to Japanese Otaku culture but also to have you enjoy some of the beautiful nature attractions around the area.
If you would like, you could also cosplay (additional charges) during our tour, to fully experience Akihabara’s unique culture! Some light snacks and a bottle of water will also be provided!


(1) 『Akihabara RadioKaikan』 Anime goods store
(2)『Don Quijote』 Discount store
(3)『Akihabara Gachapon Kaikan』 A series of vending machine-dispensed capsule toys popular in Japan
(4)『Super Potato』: Retro Game Shop
(5)『Ueno Park & Ueno Shinobazu Pond 』: We will bike around the park
(6)『Kanda Myojin Otokozaka』『Kanda Myojin』A famous historical shrine
(7)『Asakusa』or 『Yanaka』



height limit

130cm 以上